Monday, 27 April 2015

Word Up Monday #1

Do you ever feel that way, that you have a goal in mind but to get there you have to overcome the shit that really scares you?

Working hard to not let anything roadblock me on the way to success.

xo L

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Currently: April

I actually can't believe how quickly this year is gathering speed and passing by- next weekend is the beginning of May- which means the middle of the year and my birthday really is only just around the corner. It makes me want to make sure that I record more moments and memories and feelings before they are all gone. Pip at Meet Me at Mikes recently posted a list, taking stock of what was going on around her, and it seems like the perfect record of life right now.
Making : anzac slice, recipe courtesy of Fat Mum Slim
Cooking : chicken and broccoli salad and craving soup
Drinking : new fave Giesen Pinot Noir, its better shared with friends but solo is also good!
Reading: notes for my new online course
Wanting: a tropical holiday
Looking: at new winter clothes online, why did it get so cold all of a sudden?
Playing: with baby Harley
Deciding: weekend plans and birthday presents
Wishing: I could go on Googlebox- most hilarious TV show
Enjoying: school holidays and the 10 minutes it shaves off my work commute
Waiting: for my ebay orders to arrive
Liking: meeting new people and creating new relationships
Wondering: if we will ever rid the dog of fleas
Loving: that I signed up to attend Little Blog Big in june
Pondering: how is it Wednesday night already??
Considering: going to the dawn service on Saturday morning
Watching: Netflix...gossip girl has become my weekend life
Hoping: that this moonboot does come off in 3 weeks
Marvelling: at friends new born babies- so tiny so beautiful
Needing: to buy work pants
Smelling: the amazing vanilla and caramel candle I took home from escape2create
Wearing: dresses, tights and a icon baby!
Following: physio's orders- repeating my nightly exercises
Noticing: the leaves turning orange and falling
Knowing: to trust my gut instinct
Thinking: how nice it is to hang out with mum in the school holidays
Admiring: my amazing friends
Sorting: out my kikki-k planner
Buying: wine- self medicating to achieve sleep, sleeping with a moonboot is proving to be difficult
Getting: excited about the future
Bookmarking: new ideas, new goals
Disliking: deception for monetary gain
Opening: book depository orders
Giggling: about hilarious work conversations
Feeling: confident with theatre lists
Snacking: Jalna greek yoghurt tubs
Coveting: a new computer
Wishing: that I'd bought peanut butter at the supermarket
Helping: with not much...totally playing the incapacitated card- thankyou broken foot
Hearing: and loving! Shut Up and Dance by Walk to Moon

xo L

Hello, is there anyone out there?

Its been months since I last wrote a blog post, so I'm guessing there are very few people reading this- especially with the ever  growing list of amazing blogs out there to read- its almost overwhelming the choices and the possibilities for knowledge.
The longer I've gone without posting anything the more nervous I've become about posting- its feels very self-involved to even sit here and write..that feeling of who even cares about what I have to say, and does what I have to say even matter...but my itchy fingers are indicting to me that it doesn't really matter who reads this, or what impact it could possibly make- I'm not wanting to change the world or do anything fancy I just want to write.
So that's my new plan- to write, hopefully often and hopefully about interesting things, I've created a beautiful clean new slate and excited about recording life again.

And with that we've started!
How are you? Is there anyone reading this??

xo L