Monday, October 28, 2013


I had a coffee with a friend this afternoon and because I am a complete twit I was 35 minutes early- something I didn't realise until it was to late to go do something else. It was a blessing in disguise though- it gave me a whole bunch of time to just sit. To people watch and organise some of the thoughts wafting through my brain. Coming off the back of last weekends timeout there is A LOT I am trying to process at the moment, working out how to move forward.

When it comes to blogging, I like the aspect of keeping a virtual diary, of sharing my thoughts with the greater public, but what is always at the back of my mind is that I don't want to come off as conceited or attention seeking. That is totally not my style, its more for my own record keeping and attempting to keep myself accountable.

I am pretty disappointed in myself actually. That I let so much get to me and drag me backwards, a long way backwards, but I have reached my tipping point. I am done with feeling less than ordinary, and using food as my crutch, I am giving myself a kick up the arse and looking after myself again.

It takes 21 days to form a habit, that I know, so I am committing myself to taking the next three weeks to create the successful building blocks that I once had. I will:
  • exercise 6 days a week- for a minimum of 30 minutes- in the morning, before work
  • be more mindful about what I am eating
  • drink more water and cut my caffeine consumption down
  • worry less about the world and more about me

A vague but easy start.
Lets try this again.
xx Lauren


miasmummy said...

Good on you babe, time to get back on track hey? The biggest thing about exercise is that it's so good for mental health too.. I can go to the gym, really feeling like I don't want to be there, feeling grumpy, teary, but by the time that hour is over, man I do feel so much better... Keep going forward!!! Don't be dissapointed in yourself, just move forward, you know that good feeling, and you can know it again!! Looking forward to updates!! Mwah mwah!! xxx

Mardi said...

Good on you chickie... xx

Isabelle Anderson said...

Good on you! It's always easy to fall off the wagon, but really hard to get back on, so you should be proud of yourself for trying again. All the best for the next 21 days x

Possums Store said...

Go you Lauren! You can do anything you set your mind to. And you'll inspire other people on the way, even though (or perhaps BECAUSE) you are doing this for yourself.
Self care is hard for women because we tend to think everyone else deserves our time, energy and love more than we deserve it. But it is by taking care of ourselves that we are able to love other people.
I don't know you well, but I follow you on instagram, and I like who I see - you are well worth your own time, energy and love xxx

Charmaine said...

Good for you love! You are so worth it. We all are :)