Friday, February 7, 2014 did that happen??

Dear Blogosophere,
Please forgive me for I have sinned,
It has been 89 days since my last post...

Seriously 89 days!! Where has that time gone? My last post was in November 2013, as a kid I remember those summer holidays draaaaging by- but the older I get the quicker it flashes by- definitely has me worried for the future!!

So, pivotal question whats been happening??
I feel like not a lot, but then at the same time plenty.
I've spent a lot, and I really mean that a lot of time with my true love instagram- the ease and quickness of recording bits of life really appeal to me, as does the general positive, uplifting atmosphere surrounding it.

I spent Christmas is Adelaide with my beautiful family- and even snuck away Christmas night to spend some time with friends. I felt like I spent the Christmas break surrounded by the people I love It was good.
I saw in the New Year with friends, and chose the word Nurture to guide me this year. There are so many aspects of my life that I want to nurture and grow- and I'm feeling proud of realising that and making some of the changes that needed to be made.
 I had a lovely trip to Melbourne with my younger, smaller sister and Mumma Bear to celebrate Mum's fabulous special birthday. It was great to get away- we shopped, we ate, I managed to read 3 books, catchup on sleep, shop some more, visit the casino, drink some cocktails, shop some more, and see a show. Perfect really.

I convinced my best girl to get a tattoo with me. I am utterly, utterly in love with the small piece of art hidden on my leg and now have something to remember not only the amazing friend I have but also signify this year of change and period of growth in my life.

I have achieved some good things at work, learning new things every single day- and that makes me proud.
I've spent time with good people doing good things.
I've had my first bingo outing- which was...educational...all night I fought the urge too call out "B-iii-nnnn-ggg-oooo" the same way Vada does in My Girl. I'm torn between wanting to go back and win AND getting over the fact that I'm not allowed to talk for 2 hours!

I've been to the beach and  to 20/20 cricket matches, I've been out for coffee's and had catchup's with good people and been out dancing until my toes hurt.

Really its all been pretty good.
And that is nice.

How are you??

xx Lauren

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Anonymous said...

Always it seems a little awesome to me to read your posts...Sorry I have been very slack with the coffee catchup but I hear from Mouse how u are and I feel ok to leave it a bit...then a bit becomes a lot... just like your year that disappeared. Hope you are well and happy and not too blue with Mouse on the other side of the planet... give us a ring if you feel lonely I will be an ear if you need it but I feel you will be ok... my awesome girl!